DVD burning a hot ticket for laptops - Could end format war?

I just posted the article DVD burning a hot ticket for laptops - Could end format war?.

Thanks to jsl who used our newssubmit again, we know that Cnet News reports that more and more computer builders are adding DVD drives to the systems they build, and these computer builders may…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4754-DVD-burning-a-hot-ticket-for-laptops---Could-end-format-war.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4754-DVD-burning-a-hot-ticket-for-laptops---Could-end-format-war.html)

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Well i wish i could afford a laptop with a dvd writer in! I get the feeling this might be a niche market for the next 6 months anyway! How many people have that kind of cash? Even CD-RW drives for laptops cost a fortune!

Regardless of what these super giant think they can control our choices, it comes down to consumer choice. What effects our choices: #1 Price. The DVD-R/RW drives themselves are generaly lower. #2 Cost of Media. It might be too late by the time +R/RW media comes down to the prices of -R/RW media. #3 More “workable firmwares” are avialable. These firmwares allow for a wider range of media choices. For example, I have a Pioneer A04 and a Sony DRU-500A. The A04 is able burn Princo Media great. In an attempt to give the +R/RW format a shot I bought the Sony to eventually try that media. But with the large supply of DVD-Rs I own it only made sense to stay with the drive if I was able to use my existing media. I would reject the media. I would be forced to buy media on their approved list, costing me more money. Needless to say, this drive is going back. Another point about the firmware is that you are able burn 1X media at 2X with some DVD-R/RW drives. As a consumer, the choice is obvious.

Sorry SciFer, you’ve just written a crock of shite! I’m sorry to say that DVD-RRW offers nothing to the consumer, or the PC user. It doesn’t support Mount Rainier, it has to be re-formated everytime you want to record on an RW in devices designed to replace your VCR. What a pile of pants! I suspect what will actually swing this battle once and for all is not whats going on in the PC market, which we all know really want +RRW, but how quickly we get sensibly priced boxes to replace our VCRs. Oh, I think Philips are already there with the 880 and 890. Infact I already know 3 people who own one or tother of these Philips machines. The media for them is now rapidly ramping up in terms of quantity production, and the price is dropping like a stone. It’ll soon catch up and eclipse what -RRW is doing. We don’t want or need inferior technologies polluting the computing market, or the consumer electronics market for that matter! And inferior is what -RRW is… :slight_smile:

@MrStimpy: You’re free to destroy all your data with packet writing crap software. I won’t. Unimportant data is simply deleted here. No need to delete it in using InCD or other bad software. You are so keen on that VCR thing. I don’t know who actually wants to use dvd-rw to substitute a VCR. Are your hard discs so terribly small that you can’t record to your hard disc, reauthor and burn afterwards? I have a 100 GB partition for that…And I surely wouldn’t record directly to dvd. The only bad thing is the low DVD-RW speed of 1x at the moment. I hope 2x media is available soon (but I want Mitsubishi. Pioneer media is :r )