DVD Burning-9 issue rejected

“Please check your burner supports DVD-9 burning or not. If yes please select Victor Burn Engine for burning; if no, please output to hard disc or ISO file, or cut down your DVD movie within 4.7 GB for disc burning”. I am trying to burn a Dual Layer DVD+R DL using Clone DVD but get this message everytime. Does Clone DVD support Dual Layer burning on the fly and or do I need to copy it to harddrive to allievate my concerns?
I have enabled DMA settings, updated the firmware on my Sony DRU 510a drive. Can burn normally using 4.7 GB, but wont allow me to use Dual Layer Media? Is there anything I can try to make this happen?
Doesn’t it have to burn from Source to Destination without any glitches? Any help would be great. Cheers ulysses009

Wrong CloneDVD. You are probably using CloneDVD from CloneDVD.net, not elby CloneDVD. Sorry. elby CloneDVD does support DVD+R DL burning.
Maybe you can ask for a refund.

@ ulysses009,

You might want to view the below Forum Posting which concerns Emetrix/CloneDVD.Net CloneDVD.


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And - the real issue - the Sony 510A does not support burning to double layer media.

Oops! :eek:

People never cease to amaze me of what little effort is applied into knowing what they own.

Cheers guys for all your help! Problem solved! got a new burner! How do you delete or cancel this post? And special thanks to itzbinnice for his insightful and and ingenious comments…

Marvelous, and it only took you 6 months to figure it out. :bow:

Listen to me itzbinnice, I don’t sit infront of the pc 24/7 like a hermit. People have lives and families. What’s with the smart arse comments anyway? You don’t know me from a bar of soap pal. Dude, do me a favour, if you have nothing to say thats insightful, just don’t say it. Don’t try to make enemies on hear cos your reputation as a person of ill repute will snowball. The best thing for you to do now is just leave quietly and never ever offer crap advice to anyone. Your attitdude and opinions suck big time. What I can’t understand is why be so antaganistic towards someone who you don’t even know? How old are you dude?

Somebody has their panties in a wad…

hey ulysses, i don’t recommend flaming members that routinely offer valuable help. it’s that type of thing that makes them feel like those asking for help are ungrateful and that would cause a place like this to not even exist.

his second post that you got all upin arms about i read as merely playful sarcasm regarding your previous sarcastic comment.

before people come here for help we do expect that some self troubleshooting would have been done. he may have not put it tactfully, but you really should be expected to know what kind of hardware you have. if you don’t have a DL burner, you can burn DL media. it’s not a big tech geek, in front of the computer 24/7 concept to try to understand.

i hope everyone’s got the flaming out of their systems. your “problem” (which wasn’t really a problem since your hardware was working as it should!) has been solved so I suggest we end this thread.

Hello, thanks for taking the time to respond. While I might have been a little harsh and provocative to itzbinnice, I can’t understand for the life of me why someone would respond to my question in such an unproductive way. If I upset people, I do apologies for my language. In fairness I was ridiculed initially by this member who incidentally offered no valuable help whatsoever. The only help I got from this member was a sarcastic dim witted reply. People come here for help and advice not to be critisised or judged on the merits of their questions. Whether my question was obvious or not, should I be talked down to in such an arrogant way. People like that often discourage others from ever posting a legitimate thread. Ok, while this technology was a little confusing for me at first and I have since done my research and have become more enlightened, can I ask you, does this warrant such a response? Ok. I got it wrong, but what is the crime in getting it wrong? Where was the level of understanding of this bloke? And most importantly, where was the sound technical advice to correct me? In the end all I got was some character assassination.
Since when is a smart-alecky comment or sarcastic remark considered to worthy on this forum? Yes I might have overreacted, yes I should have done more research before posting and yes I am a better man for it. But unprovoked, useless remarks should not be tolerated either. And again I ask you, what is my crime for simply asking? All I am suggesting is people like itzbinnice consider their remarks before posting. Sarcasm, ridicule or jokes. There is a jokes forum elsewhere for people who like that stuff.
Seriously, I have acknowledged the errors of my ways and I ask people to please disregard my colorful language. Most importantly I urge you as a senior member to please understand some people are not computer geeks and in my case when I purchased the box it said DL capability. I did not realize and maybe I should have, that DL capability refers to NO DL at all. That was my mistake! I would also suggest that you try to encourage others who are not that technically minded to use this Forum as it is extremely valuable and full of wonderful and technical knowledge. Let’s not pigeon hole, character assassinate or denigrate people for simply asking a questions. Let’s all try to have an open mind and try to tolerate each other.

Thanks folks for all your help. We have all kissed and made up. All is sweet and fine. Just want to remove this post if possible? And one last thing…itzbinnice is a top bloke…


I used Ridata DL,1st I thought it was a program but it turned out to be my Sony DRU 810A, Sony won’t burn some DL disc Ritek and Ridata included. “Research” is a must before starting blaming on Software or switching disc?(just a thought)

then why does elby have a dvd 9 selection in the drop down box?

because, as olli said, it supports DVD+R DL burning.

what exactly are you asking?

I think Dieseldoc does not realise that there are 2 CloneDVD programs and that only one CloneDVD2 is a reliable product.

sorry my mistake. have never gotten my dl burner to work with any program using memorex dl disc. should i try different media brand? whats the best? nec 2510a burner

OK! it’s my bad about SonyDRU810A
My Ridata is DVD DL-R and Clone DVD does not support DVD DL-R.

The newset version of CloneDVD (2.8.8.x) does. :wink: