Dvd burnig problem



i have an external dvd drive that has stopped buning dvds, when i insert a blank disc and watch what happens in My Computer folder it initially shows as a DVD drive:-
but then “drops” to CD drive:-, I use Windows xp yet the burner wants 98se, it has worked fine in the past but doesn’t now.
I’ve uninstalling then reinstalling ,that doesn’t work. Any ideas please?


Could you give a few more details (exact error messages etc). It’s kind of hard to know based on what you have given. Also, a little info about your system might help. The exact external burner you have would defanatlly help too. Odds are your externall is just an internal in an enclosure. One possibility if all else fails is to test the drive itself in your computer. if it works then maybe the enclosure is bad (wouldn’t assume that till checking some things out). You can use it as an internal or replace the enclosure if bad.
Fyi it is quite normal for windows xp to show a dvd drive in my computer, then when you insert a disk it shows cd drive (ven if it is a dvd). Did you do any windows updates recentlly?
what software are you using, what are you trying to burn and what proceedure are you using? The more info you can provide, the beter the chance someone might recognise what the problem is.


That’s how shrubby explorer “handles” different media!

Never believe in what explorer shows you!

Only check with devicemanager!!