DVD Burners

           I was thinking about buying a burner and dont really know whats a good DVD burner. anybody got some links or clues

on the subject.:cool:

I would recommend that you wait a couple of months as right now the DVD-R(W) technology is very primitive. When there will be some competition in the area of DVD-Writers, companies will compete to give you the best qualities.

Anyways, right now they cost about 500 US bucks. The Media is 10 USD for 4.7Gb media!

Be patient and prices will drop rapidly!

As daman said , dvd-rw technology is reall primitive right now. they still looking for the apropriate format, and in some cases a dvd made in a dvd-rw device can’t be read in a normal dvd. so you better wait a little. till they find a format for all, and all companies put devices on market. then prizes will drop rapidly, in to half. :slight_smile: