DVD burners with Lightscribe technology

Is there anyone out there who’s had experience with the LG external dvd burner with Lightscribe? In particular, I’m interested in knowing whether Lightscribe burners produce good vivid color labeling like an inkjet labeler would, or does it look somewhat washed out? Thanks.

Lightscribe works in greyscale, not color. You can buy Lightscribe dvds with color backgrounds, but that is probably not what you are looking for.

http://www.lightscribe.co.uk/ - some examples of colour background there, but it is limited to black (well, grey) on background. Also tends to need the slowest mode of labelling to get anywhere near a good dark print.

It does possibly have greater image fastness than inkjet, in resisting fade or smudge, and of course.

I’d say LS is the tidy alternative to disk pens, rather than a serious competitor to a disk printing inkjet and printable media.