DVD Burners using Renesas

I know that LG uses Renesas (and sometimes Panasonic) chips and was wondering if they are the only ODD producers doing so. I am asking because LGs with Renesas chips have a 0 samples write offset.

It seems so. Hitachi is biggest shareholder (55%) of Renesas.
Also, there are not much genuine manufacturers of ODD left (chipset used in brackets):
Hitachi-LG (Renesas, Panasonic)
Panasonic (Panasonic)
Liteon (Mediatek)
Benq (Philips, Panasonic)
Samsung-Toshiba (Mediatek, Panasonic)
Pioneer (NEC)
Plextor (Sanyo?)
Did I forget one?


Aren’t BenQ and LITE-ON a joint venture or something now?

They joined recently, indeed.