DVD Burners to use with MyDVD V4?

Hi all.

Just acquired an Adaptec PCI VideOH AVC 2000 capture card. - quite impressed (or am I just easily pleased?)

It came bundled with MyDVD 4.0.

It’ll mostly be used for grabbing camcorder footage, maybe trimming clips, assembling these and burning onto DVD for wathcing on PC and on a domestic player.

Question: Can anyone suggest a good bet recent model DVD burner that is supported by MyDVD V4?

ALternatively, is there a simple way to make the prog run with a more recent drive (Liteon / NEC3500)?

Don’t really want to shell out on new software, unless I really have to.

Thanks, in eager anticipation

gee, you know they are up to v6 now ? MyDVD v6 http://www.sonic.com/products/mydvd/mydvd/default.asp

Yeah, don’t I know it!

It all comes down to one word - MONEY! :a

Still, if ya wanna make a donation… :iagree: