DVD burners that play audio


I was just about ready to buy 2 BenQ 1655s when I read that they don’t have an analog out (digital only) so I couldn’t play my Cds or mp3s. Is this true? I want to replace my CD burner with a new DVD burner so it has to be able to play analog, not just digital.

If the BenQ 1655 doesn’t do this, can anyone recommend a good DVD burner that does have analog out?


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BenQ 1655 is able to play your CD’s and mp3’s. Don’t worry about that, linky .

All modern soundcards only support (internal) digital line-in that’s probably why BenQ decided not to waste material (and money) for a future nobody uses anymore.

Note, the audio data is also transfered through IDE bus.

Thanks for the info. It sounds like the BenQ 1655 will work for me as far as playing analog goes.

The other thing I use a DVD burner for is to make back up copies of my movies. I assume this would be easy to do with the 1655?

Thanks much!

To play CDs etc without the analogue output you need to ensure that the burner is set to digitally extract audio. I think this is the default in Windows anyway so you probably need to nothing for this to work.

As for copying, the Benq will be as good as nuthing else so go get one.

Thanks guys,

I just ordered two!


Ok, I just got my BenQ 1655’s and since I got OEMs (from Newegg), they didn’t come with a users manual. Can anyone tell me the jumper settings for this DVD?

Thanks much!

From the factory they should be set to master. If you look carefully on the top panel near the jumper area itself, it should ( might ) tell you the jumper settings. I know my Pionneer is marked on the outer case right above the jumper settings themselves. :iagree:

If not you could always go to the manufactures website to check. If you hook them to one IDE, then one is master and one is slave.

BenQ usually set their drives to slave when OEM drives (all mine were slave)

The arrangment is

|==| ::: |=====================| |OOOO|

The 3 ::: are where the jumper should be placed vertically. In this order they go… Cable Select / Slave / Master.

The jumper block now seems to be universal from all suppliers, the 3 closest to the IDE connector are as I listed.