DVD burners reach higher DVD speeds than BD burners?

DVD burners recently hit ×24 for DVD

BD burners: ×16 BD, ×16 DVD.

Should a BD burner not achieve ×24 on DVD with at least a bit of higher quality?


A BD-writer focus on BD and not on DVD. Same like DVD-writer focus on DVD, not on CD.

I have/had some exotic media and note that BD-writers don´t support em like the older DVD-writers or CD-writers. Maybe to save time and work, maybe because the flash for firmware isn´t big enough.

At least, the last 24x-writers support only 2 discs at 24x, like TY or MCC. All other media is max. supported at 16x, except with some Pioneer. Older 20x, 22x and 24x supported higher speeds than 16x with more media

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Speeds higher than 16X for DVD writing is counter-productive anyway, just like speeds above 48X for CD writing.

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But I expect a BD drive to cover the DVD drive feature range.
It does not bother me, but I am just curious.

The additional speed is just an option.

However, the advantage of missing out on these speeds is exclusivity on SH-224. (€11 for this WriteMaster™ is excellent!).

Have you ever burned a DVD 20-24x?

I tried sometimes, and some results OK, other not or were coasters.

That´s not nice because onlywith very good media like TY (which is hard to get atm) you can select this speed. I wouldn´t care if this happens with MBI or other bad media, but TY is to precious to kill em with highest speed.

If you burn this media with 12x, max. 16x you will get very good results, so 20x and above are not really important for me or other guys who want quality over speed

Here are some results from me with higher speeds

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