Dvd burners for sale!

Thats really great that you have the time to build your own, but alot of people do have that time and have to buy a prebuilt tower, and as far as price goes, if you really look into it, Dell has some great deals. I do not own a Dell but I know many people that are very happy with the XPS and a 20.1" monitor for 2,000.

I’d be most greatful if you could show me anyplace online that sells external firewire OR USB enclosures at or near $10-15. At $15 each, I’ll buy at least 3 of them. (I prefer firewire or dual firewire/USB 2.0)


Well… I bet he can’t show you anything below $20.

Recently I bought a REFURBISHED BYTECC ME-7050U2F from newegg at $25.77 shipped. Yes… that’s the model with BOTH USB and Firewire. It arrived today and despite the horrible warning, all the parts were inside (including USB and firewire cables). I couldn’t test Firewire connection but USB worked fine.

The deal is gone now but the refurbished deals goes on and off. Of course it is on your own risk.

Thanks for the response. I was looking at a refurb unit on Newegg yesterday, but DIDN’T buy because of that warning. If I had to buy a power cord, USB and a firewire cable to replace those that were missing, I’d easily exceed any moneys saved by the time all was said and done. (The pictured unit actualy had a power pack, NOT a built in power supply with a standard typwriter type cable of which I have MANY.) Perhaps I may take a risk on a refurb.

I don’t like it when someone makes incorrect generalizations about prices quoting something WAY off the actual mark. I think that most of us here know that $15 for an external enclosure other than a 2.5" self powered USB enclosure is a pipe dream.


complete usb 2 kit 22 bucks delivered

i can admit when i am wrong and i am on this, but on sale u can get them for 15 bucks, i was spacing out and thinking of the right thing wrong price tho as the price was for something simular, so my mistake

Appriciate that Koolaidwa, but look at the deal Zaq found! That’s a pretty darned good price! I may have to get at LEAST one of these. I’m waiting on prices on the new Seagate 7200.9’s to drop and I’d like to have a few extra cases so I don’t have to swich drives to do my backups. (It’s getting to the point where for convinance sake, I’m going to start backing up to hard-disks instead of DVD.) I’d really prefer a case that does firewire or both, but USB has the advantage of being more transportable between machines. (As you all know, just about ALL machines have USB, but firewire is still not all that common.) Heck, I’m gonna buy one of thise cheapie USB cases! If anyone comes up with any really great deals on combo cases, I’d sure like to know about it!


PS Hmmm… maybe I’ll stay away from that particular enclosure. Seems limited as to what drive sizes it’ll work with.