Dvd burners for sale!

hello everyone

i am looking to sell 2 dvd burners.

  1. Memorex DVD±R Dual Layer Burner 16X Internal also comes with a External Case.
  2. MadDog DVD±R Dual Layer Burner 16X External
    also a seagate External Harddrive 120GIG

i would like to sell both together for 130.00
and the Seagate for 70.00

also including 4 3 pack of Verbatim DVD+R DL Discs

if interested send me a private message.

i will ship for free as well.



also all are in excellent condition

the burners have been used twice and the external hard drive hasnt been used.

sell them on ebay dude, i dont think ur supposed to sell stuff on here, plus ur asking way to much for all thjat used stuff

koolaid is right… You cannot sell personal items on cdfreaks. Talk to the admins to get pricing for advertisements on cdfreaks.

$70 for 120G HD… That is outrageous~! Brand new seagate 200g are going to about 50 or 60…

Yup, even if you don’t do rebates you can get a 200GB Seagate for about $90.

I paid $70 at Fry’s about 6 weeks ago with no rebate for a Seagate 200 GB IDE retail drive.


We don’t have a Fry’s here. Where else can you get a unused external 120 GB Seagate hard drive for $70.00-$90.00

pricewatch.com is a good pricing search site


seagate 63 bucks delivered

He said an external drive, i.e., in an enclosure with a Firewire/USB interface.


still u can get those enclosers for 10-15 bucks most places on sale, but its used so its going be a lot cheaper then u paid for, but there are suckers that will pay high prices, i call them the people that buy dell thinking dell is the best lol

Not sure if you guys think segate is beter but compusa recently ran a 250 gig wd for 80$ on a 1 day sale and 100$ on an all week sale (no rebates required). This week they have a maxtor sata 200gig with free sata card for 100$, no rebates. &0$ is a bit high for a 120gig, external or not.
It must suck to pay retail for something (or with dvd burners pay to much for a rebadge) but you can probably get the oem equivalent of the memorex (arn’t they liteons) for 40-50$ on newegg and the maddog external has been on sale several times in the past for 60-70$.

yea, seagates arnt drives i use or recommend, but those prices are way over the top like i said before for used stuff, get real and go try to find a sucker on ebay, cause u know there is a sucker born for ebay everyday

Check out this listing.

I have a Seagate drive and haven’t had any problems with it. I also like the 5 year warranty. I have had a WD drive fail on me, as did my father, but luckily both were under warranty at the time. (Both bought when WD still offered a 3 year warranty.) Having a drive replaced from WD is super easy though.

LOL at that listing. Either he though he was getting a processor or wants to try to pawn his used one off as new and needs a box (that is not worth 27$).
I think it is almost more important to check out the specific model of hard drive than it is to check out the brand. Every manufacture has thier lemons. www.storagereview.com is a great place to do that (the reliability survey). You have to enter info on one of your drives before you can check out the database but the info is well worth the trouble. Worst case senerio (if you are buying new), buy the drive so you have specific info off the box, check it out and return it if it is a known lemon.


A Gun And A Smile Gets You Further Than A Smile Alone…

And what do you think is the best besides building your own?

If that enclosure with the Maddog is the original its worth about 50bucks tops used. (only if its DVD9 model)

i build my own, wouldnt buy a prebuilt, but dells are just plain bad buys, only because thats what i here from everyone i know that has bought one, maybe bnow there better, but still i am not the intel person but it doesnt matter what cpu u have as long as it does what u want it to do

10-15 for those things online, local shops, frys on sale