DVD Burners burning 8x media at 4x speeds

Ok let me explain what has happened. I use to use a NuTech DDW-082 8x dvd burner, then one day it started burning my 8x media at a 4x speed. So I ran alot of tests and contacted the company but that didn’t solve anything, so I just bought after awhile a NEC ND-3540a 16x dvd burner. Now i’ve installed the 3540a and the samething is going on, it’s only burning at 4x. The dvd burning media I am using is Ritek G03 8x dvd+r (I’ve verified that the 3540a can support 8x speed using DVDInfo). Someone tell me what’s up, please. DMA when available is enabled on the IDE primary and secondary devices. None of them are set to PIO. I’m guessing is might be the ASPI drivers, i’m not exactly sure though.

Forget you ever heard the term ASPI. Messing with ASPI will just get you more grief.

You need to provide much more information about what is going on. Do you select 8x in Nero? If so, what happens then? What are the drive buffer and read buffer doing during the burn? What is the total burn times?
Have you run any speed tests on your hard drive?

Presumably the writer is on a different channel to the HD.
As rdgrimes asked is your burning software selecting the 4x speed. If it’s selecting 8x what’s telling you it’s burning at 4x.
The actual burn speed can be seriously affected by the rate that the data is coming off the HD, which can be affected by fragmentation so regular defragging is highly recommended as is having plenty of free space available.

yes 8x was selected at the burning speed. Nero was telling me it was burning at 8x when it clearly wasn’t cause a 4.38gb dvd+r took over 20 mins. That’s how I know.

Please provide all the requested info.

What are the drive buffer and read buffer doing during the slow burn? This little bit of info will tell you what is wrong. Read buffer should remain full through the whole burn.
Also, check the thread for setting Nero to show the actual burn speed. HERE

Also, suggest you sacrifice a disc and run a CDSpeed Data Disc test and post the resulting graph here.

Know that this is Ritek R03 8x media

What i’ve noticed about the buffer in nero is that it drops and comes back to the middle. The buffer reading isn’t stable.

Here’s some media I burned with the ND-3540a. Burned it at 8x speed but in reality I only got 4x speeds. This is still Ritek R03 8x dvd+r media. So as you can see i’m getting crap speeds but good burns.

I checked out windows event viewer and found this error happening while I was burning.

“An error was detected on device \Device\CdRom0 during a paging operation”

I currently use no paging files since I have over a gb of physical ram.

Now how I would find what that error is, i’m not sure.

Check your RAM using memtest. :wink:

What i’ve noticed about the buffer in nero is that it drops and comes back to the middle. The buffer reading isn’t stable

There are 2 buffers, we need to know what each is doing.

The burn speed graph looks very much like the drive is in PIO. Suggest you uninstall the IDE controller and reboot, then re-confirm that ALL drives are actually running in UDMA status, not just set to DMA.

Also, run a transfer rate test in CDSpeed to see if the drive can read at full speed.

Here’s a transfer rate test. Apparently the yellow line is the starting point and the green line is the end result. So which IDE controller are you suggesting that I reinstall?

Your transfer test is normal, which tells us that the drive is able to deliver data at full speed. (this is good) DMA must be functioning normally, which lays the problem on your hard drive not being able to deliver data.

3rd time for this question:
What are each of the buffers doing during a burn? Is the read buffer dropping and causing the burn to pause? Please specify what each buffer is doing all during the burn.

I went into device manager and under location I got “Bus Number 0, Target ID 0, LUN 0”, does this seem right? My virtual drive that alcohol 120% creates has the same “Bus Number 0, Target ID 0, LUN 0” under location. My computer recognizes 2 drives, the 3540a and the AXY (alcohol 120% virtual drive).

The buffer fluctuates, it’ll be at 100% then drop to 51% then drop to 1% and so on.

Which buffer?

If it’s the read buffer, then your hard drive is the problem. It’s either badly fragmented, or just to slow, or both.

Add to that , if it’s on the same IDE channel, which has not yet been confirmed.

My burner’s connected to my raid card. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5220932159&category=39967&ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1

Ok updated my non-raid controller driver and bios. Currently it says the nd-3540a is in udma 2 mode, while my hd is in udma 5 mode. Shouldn’t my burner be in at least udma 4 mode? How do I get it to be in udma 4? my systems already set for auto detect dma. For some reason, everytime I uninstall A347SCSI SCSI Controller it keeps coming back. I don’t even have a scsi controller installed.

UDMA 2 is all you’ll get on a DVD writer.

Generally Promise based controllers don’t like optical drives, CMD & Silicon Image based ones are OK.

However, if your read buffer keeps fluctuating the disk fragmentation would be the most likely suspect.

These raid cards often come up as scsi. I’ve got raid cards on both my computers & have the same A347SCSI controller showing.

At last we get to the bottom of this.
The Promise card is showing the drive in UDMA, but you can rest assured that the drive is running in PIO. All Promise cards do this, no exceptions. You cannot run an optical drive on that card.