DVD burners and CDRs

Hi All

Has anybody ever had or heard of any problems burning a CDR in one of the burners that that burns both DVDs and CDRs, and then it will not be recognised in a straight foward CDR burner/player?


Details please, which dvdrw drive, and which brand of media?


I do not require anything to technical, just in general will be fine.


Well then, in general there are few problems with this. All of the dvd drives burn cd’s, although at slower speeds than the cd burners. Some of the newest dvd burners have a 48x burn speed. Use quality media and it should be fine.

OK, thanks for that.


My NEC 1300 using official NEC 1.0 firmware and using top-quality Taiyo Yuden cdr’s had problems. The burn went fine, but in testing them using CDSpeed I woulsd get slowdowns, yellow blocks, etc - not all the time, but about 5/7 cd’s. With my new Plextor premium, those cdr’s test fine. Also, if you burn svcd’s, then the read speed in the NEC is crap - if seems to treat it as a dvd and reads slowly - data cdr’s i.e avi’s, real data, read faster - I have set the settings in the CDSpeed pref’s to no avail.

So, it is a crap reader and the chipset does not give true error readings. If you use alot of cdr’s together with dvdr’s, get a seperate cd burner or other than the crappy NEC - maybe the 2500 is better, the 1300 is a bad cd burner/reader combo.