Dvd burner

i purchased a dvd burner (memorex dvd+rw/+r),it came with the nero software(nero5)
i also purchased a dvdrom and i have tryed to burn a dvd to dvdrw
but it is telling me it cant burn copywritten dvd’s
it will burn cd’s that are copywritten
is there another software out here that i can use.

your help is greatly appreciated


I would kindly suggest you read through our DVD forums and learn from there. I am sure you’ll find loads of information and most likely even the answer to your question.

But to help you on your way, not all DVDs can be backed up as easily as you might think. This has to do with protections that have to be overcome in a different way (different software to be used) and the amount of data that is stored on DVDs (a lot of DVDs hold more data than can be burnt on recordable DVDs).

thank you for your help i think i am at my wits end:(