DVD Burner



Hi, this is my first post on these forums…any help that could be offered for my situation would be greatly appreciated.

Until recently I’ve ever had any reason to burn to dual layer media, but when I went to do so for the first time I found that no matter what program I used, I would receive a write error.


Welcome to the forums cdwebb14.

What exact model of dvd burner do you have? Do you have the latest firmware installed in it?

We recommend Verbatim brand DL +R disks. Most of the rest are just a gamble when burning.

I personally recommend a free burning program called ImgBurn when burning DL media. If you are burning dvd video to a DL disk, it will set the layer break correctly, when other programs might not. www.imgburn.com

By the way, ImgBurn can tell us the make and model drive you have, and the current firmware version in it.