DVD Burner



Can anyone tell me why i can burn CDR all day but not DVDs. I have done it before. when i go to device manger and look for the name of dvd burner it says DVDRW IDE 16X. I have had the burner for a year now but only burned DVD data 20 times , So i am not ready to say it is the laser. When i Put in a DVD movie it playes fine. I also had a regular CDR burner first then i bought the DVD burner from staples. Anyone think that the original CDR burner is causiing a conflit? I had to Fdisk 2 months ago but i put the same software on. and it still gives me errors. If I flashed my BIOS would that help?

Any Help will be greatly appreciated.


What is it your trying to burn and with what software. Is there an error message or are you burning coasters. Can you give a more specific idea of the nature of the problem?


I agree, we need more information. Have you burned any discs since installing your new burner? At a minimum, you likely need to uninstall and reinstall your burning application to force it to rescan for new hardware.