DVD Burner

I don’t know how to get any info on my burner seeing as i don’t know which one it is…

It shows up in my Device Manager but not in My Computer. I’m also having trouble with my USB ports, this could be why? It seems I’ve gotten my external drive to work, through a USB. But nothing else works… I’ve gotten myself into a mess trying to update drives, I’ve downloaded everything but it always ends up in me.

Can any1 help?

bikerdude1o1@gmail.com is my email if you rather do it there.

Thanks a lot.

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Use Nero CD/DVD speed to get proper configurationn info, like 1:1 or 5:0 (the last figures like usb example on modern $ntel lappy).
Or maybe even simplier; post us a pic of named aps output.

BTW, I’m on holiday with not always working wireless LAN… (north of Norway right now.)

Benq EW1621

Here’s my device manger and what I believe is the DVD Burner. Code 10

That’s what I dug up, Hope that will help.