Dvd burner

hey all :stuck_out_tongue:
i need a bit of help i got a dvd burner that wont burn dvds or read them/load.
but if i put a cd-r/rw in it works it alls ways workd sins a week ago.I tryd rebooting my computer but that didnt work then when i used nero it would start to burn and then the cd tray would open and mess up my cd:(.
then i started to use vso copy2dvd that work but now even that thosent work any more.so i hoop some one can help me please please.tell me if u have a clue what i should do.

With eratic problems, about the only thing off the top of my head that I can think of is a bad ide cable or a bad drive. I would try another ide cable to start with.

but if de ide cable is bad wouldent the de cd-r/rws not work.
and witch 1 is the ide cabel?

No in fact I have had a drive that worked right most of the time, and would only occationally mess up, and the ide cable was the problem. It is not defanatlly your problem, but it is one of the things that can cause all kinds of eratic problems. Iโ€™m guessing that since you donโ€™t know what an ide cable is, someone else installed the drive? The ide cable is the flat, wide ribbon cable (unless it is a sata drive or something). Also, make sure your jumper settings are corect. There should be a diagram on the label of the drive for the jumper settings. If it is the only drive attached to the cable, it should be master. If there is another drive on the cable, one should be master, the other should be slave. If the other one is a hard drive, and it is master, leave it master and make the optical drive the slave (incase it is your boot drive). If you are not farmiliar with computer hardware though, it might be good to let someone more farmiliar with it look at it.