DVD Burner

Hello I want to purchase a dvd burner for my computer an external one with two disks slots. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

i dont think dvd burner is what your looking for,i assume by “two disks slots” you mean you want a dvd duplicator those are highly expensive 300-2000$ and alot of em dont have usb/firewire for pc connection ,forget duplicators its absolutely unneccasry for home users, who really needs em are duplication businesses ,an external dvd burner will cost much less somewhere between 100-120$ and if you dont have a laptop then internal will cost much much less (35-60$)

if you have USB2.0, consider two external USB DVD burners, or but IDE DVD burners with USB2.0 to IDE converters

Thats what I did, you get the best mix of choices with any model you want, and you can easily upgrade any time. Also cost will be about $100 - $200 for all of it depending on what make/model DVD Burner you get.

I can’t remember where I saw it, but there is a contraption where you can put two laptop optical drives in it and slide it in the bay on your desktop.

That’s very expensive.

Two-bay USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394 cases for optical drives with built-in power adapter cost under US$100.