DVD Burner wont transfer in widescreen format

Hi everyone…I recently purchased an LG 16x External Super Multi dvd/cd rewriter and when I burn a widescreen film from my pc it wont burn in the widescreen format. It comes up fullscreen and has that squished look to it. Is there anyway I can make this right? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Check the definitions you give to the authoring software because the problem must be there as the screen format is defined when the video files are edited and/or rendered to DVD format.

If you’re converting a file, depending on what you’re using, you may have to tell the program to keep the aspect ratio.

Thanks for the info, guys.

Still not having any luck. :frowning:

What software are you using for the conversion & what are the characteristics of the original video file?

I am using Cyberlink PowerProducer 3. As for the characteristics of the original video file…can you give me an example of what characteristics you are talking about because I have no idea what you are refering to? Lol. I am not that computer savy. :o

What is happening is that the program is converting your widescreen movie to fullscreen. Nothing to do with the burner. It just does what it is told too.

Aspect Ration
16:9 is widescreen there are others 2.35:1 or something like that too.
4:3 is full screen

What you are probably looking for is a tick box that says “Keep input ratio” or somthing like that. The other posibility is that another box has been ticked allowing you to change the aspect ratio. Untick it.

As I don’t know that software try searching in the Help manual that should be built in. That will tell you were teh option is.

Where would I look for this “tick box” you are referring to?
I know I saw that “input ratio” somewhere, I just dont know where. Maybe you could lead me in the proper direction. Thanks.

Sorry. As I sataed I don’t know the software.

Checkt the manual. It will be in there.

I tried to look in the help section of the program and I cant believe that there is nothing even remotely close to what I am looking for, and I was on there for quite some time.

Not quite shure if you are talking about a dvd that has been recorded on the LG and playing onto the computer but have a look at this thread it may be of use to you.




It’s not hard and it works!

There’s a great little app called GSpot. It displays the properties of avi video files including the aspect ratio. It can be found here amongst other places.