DVD Burner wont recognize a blank disc =(

Hey everyone, maybe this question has already been answered but I couldnt find a thread that helped.

Whenever I insert a blank dvd to my disc drive I always get told there is no cd inserted. It is a built-in dvd writer on my laptop computer and when I have used it in the past it has worked just fine. It still plays dvds fine, it burns and plays music cds fine and in every other way it is completely normal… it is only blank dvds that it wont recognize at all.

Anyway I really hope someone can help me, Ive got lots of video I need to burn to create some hard drive space again!!

Thanks in advance,


Are you using the same brand/manufacturer that you used before? And what brand is that.

You need a proper burning app like Nero to burn on DVD media.

something very similar happened to me, and it was that a different driver was instaled in the dvd/cd drive controlers and the IDE controlers, Norton AV caused it somehow, and in the end I had to re install which to me was’ent all that bad.

well I have tried using Nero, Alcohol 120% and Roxio, but none of them work. I think the problem must be with my dvd drive. I will dig out my drivers cd and see if re-installing it helps… Could that be the problem seeing as all the other functions of the drive are working fine?? Its only writing dvds that I cant do. :oS

Oh and the drive is the one built in to my Compaq laptop, so I guess its compaq too

Like Silver stated, it could be an antivirus program. Did you install any new programs prior to this happening? Let us know how reinstalling your drive goes. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem with a Liteon Sohw-1633s bdsa. Burned fine for a year +, after system recovery due to other issues, system no longer sees media. Tried Memorex, Sony, & TDK. Still burns CDs fine from any program. All DVD authoring programs (sonic, nero, intervideo, dvdsanta, dvdcopy, cd burner xp) see the drive as valid & capable but do not recognize blank DVD when inserted. Drive spins up when blank DVD inserted & makes a sound similar to a HDD ‘read’ sound; does NOT happen with DVD movies; previously recorded DVDs or blank CDs. Really @ a loss for what the root cause of this is. Have uninstalled drive; ide controllers, etc. Have not tried in other system yet; but will in the next few days. Any tips or suggestions?