DVD Burner won't recognise disks

Hi guys - great site but I better ask something before I spend all day looking about.

I thought there must be someone out there who has had this problem before, so I thought I’d try you guys before I take the drive apart & stuff it up altogether.

I think I’ve searched everything but think it might be a combination of issues.

Firstly, its a sony drx710UL (external dual layer - 2 years old? vertically mounted - does that matter?) - hardly had any use, 10-20 disks burnt at most. I packed it away when our old pc died and also as we had 2 bubs trying to become programmers and playing with it.

It worked up until recently with our new(er) pc, but now the pc will recognise the drive, but the drive won’t recognise anything. It will open & close, but no matter what you put into it, it says “Please insert a disk into drive F:.”.

My wife thinks that our 2yr old may have opened it while she was burning some photos on to a CD - is this enough to fry the drive?

I was thinking along the lines of laser cleaning, spindle cleaning or firmware update - but without much idea its a bit of a scattergun approach.

Anyway, any ideas appreciated.



Hi Stu and welcome to the forum try this

Right click on “My Computer” select “Properties” click on the “Hardware” tab and click on the “Device Manager” button.
In Device Manager go down to where it says “DVD/CD-ROM drives” click on the small box next to it to open a drop-down list showing all CD and DVD drives connected to your computer.
Right click on the drive that is giving you the trouble and click on uninstall, when asked to confirm device removal click OK
then reboot the PC

Windows will reinstall and assign the proper driver.

Hey Thanks but still no change

Tried this again a couple of times, just in case.

Does it matter how many USB devices are connected?

They’re not all going at the same time or anything but I thought I’d ask.

I might check whether I can try connecting it somewhere else & whether it will work.

Just updated firmware - no change.

Stu17 wrote" I might check whether I can try connecting it somewhere else & whether it will work."
If you can see it in My Computer I doubt it will matter…can you test on other PC maybe?
cuz yeah maybe ejecting while in burn process,could have killed it…


Im having the same problems as of today, i have the lite-on shw-16h5s drive and was working fine, i was creating some audio CD-R’s and then all of a suddent it stopped recognising the discs altogether saying that they are full, ive tried DVD-Rs and the same happens.

When i try putting a game disc or DVD disc in the drive it will not recognise it what so ever.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the windows driver to no effect amd flashed the firmware to LS0W and still nothing.

I have searched around the web a little and not really found anything spefic on this drive and with the very little computer literacy i have im unable to fix it so i was wondering if there are any solutions to try and get it working again??

thanks in advance to anyone


Hi Again.

Ive tried uninstalling the drive again and reinstalling with windows, then reflasing to LS0W.

The results this time is that the drive will recognise DVD-R media now and will actually burn onto this type but unfortunatly it will still not recognise CD-RW wether it be blank or proper game or just full CD.

Not sure what is going on but the problem has been narrowed down now at least.

to todo and Stu I’m curious ,what OS you guy’s have ?

Xp Sp2

Was on XP when it stopped working.
I have since gone back to W2000 for the last month just in case.

For the last day I’ve been trying the drive horizontal instead of vertical, and it seems to be trying harder to recognise it - before it eventually failing.

Just need to find the time to take it for a ride to the inlaws pc.

lol, honestly, clean the drive.

That seems to be the most obvious thing that could help you…

I’ve been doing some searches for any handy cleaning hints etc but seems like the method is pretty much taken for granted?

So, lens cleaner goo first, spin the disk, click heels together 3 times?..never sure about this stuff in the past & tried to avoid using it, but might as well give it a whirl.

Then progress to screw drivers, cotton buds, & more invasive means? Should be fun.