DVD burner won't read


I’ve just bought a new dvd burner (Sony DW D22-A) and tried to burn a data DVD with it. It burned fine at 8x speed, but the trouble is, the DVD burner will not read that disc. I put the disc into another dvd drive and it read no problem. If it burned the disc, then in theory, it should be able to read it.
Any suggestions?

there are some other users experiencing this problem and there still isn’t any solution…

@ charlie19
chok0 is right, but some have solved the problem with new power supplies, some have flashed firmware or uninstall-and-reinstall and most have just returned the drive and avoided the major troubleshooting headaches with no guaranteed solution. If you wish to troubleshoot, then you will need to post more detailed info on your problem(I vote ‘return’)