Dvd burner won't open

Hi guys.i have philips dvd ±rw dvd8801.i didn’t have problems with it before,but now it jast won’t open from time to time with disc inside.i have to restart to get it open,any idea why it does that?

Someone said bad cables would cause this. I’m doubtful.

If you haven’t tried ejecting from Windows Explorer, you might give that a try. Right click on the drive. Click Eject.

did tried that before,didn’t work and cabels is ok.

my guess is bad psu , download speedfan and take a screenshot
http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php , if you got a digital multimeter it
will be best to use it to measure the voltages as it will give more accurate readings,heres a couple of guides on how to use one for voltage measuring
set the multimeter to 20dcv or just dcv if its auto ranging