DVD Burner Won't Burn CD-Rs

I have a HP 740b DVD/CD burner in an HP Pavilion 4100y system. The DVD burner part works fine but it will not burn CD-Rs. After about 12% I get an error saying there was a problem with making the CD and it bombs out. I have upgraded to the latest firmware, uninstalled and reinstalled the DVD driver and atapi controllers, made sure the advanced settings were set to DMA etc. I also had Sonic and Nero loaded and since I didn’t like Sonic I uninstalled Sonic and left Nero. Still would not burn CD-Rs. I then uninstalled Nero and reinstalled it and no luck. Actually when I put the Nero diskin to reinstall I was getting a message saying there was no CD loaded so I had to use my other DVD-Rom drive to install.
The inept support at HP want me to do a destructive format and recover the system as it was originally shipped to see if it is a hardware problem. I really don’t want to do this because it will be a big job restoring software and data files.
Does anyone know what else I can try to either fix this or determine if it is a hardware or software problem? Thanks.

So it’s not even reading CDs?

To eliminate the possibility of a Windows problem, can you try and boot from a CD?

It’s spotty; It normally reads data cds and plays music cds but just won’t write to CDs. When I put in a blank CD the software will sometimes prompt me to put in an empty CD even though it is empty and I have tried several different brands.

Disable autoplay and use a proper burning app.

What is considered a proper burning app? I have used Nero and Sonic? Thanks.

Nero’s good enough. Do try the boot thing, as it would show whether it’s a Windows/software problem or not. :wink:

We forgot something.

Nero, what exact version?

Haha, whoops! :doh:

I am at work now so I don’t have access to my PC but I believe it is Smart Start 6.0 OEM version

OK, try updating it, when you get back to it…:slight_smile: