DVD burner wont burn anything

Can someoneplease help me, i as up till 6am trying to fix my dvd burner but have no idea what is wrong with it. Up until a couple of days ago everything was fine. last night i tried to burn a dvd but when i put it in my dvd player nothing happened. I looked at the back of the disc and realized nothing was burnt on the disc. I tried 3 different programs and none of them would burn the movie. One saysit is burning but it doesnt, the other tells me to insert a disc and windows media player tells me to connect a burner. I looed in my computer and the drive now says cd drive rather then dvd drive. I tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling the drive, checked my bios, i even took the burner out of the conputer took it apart and looked to see if there was a problem but nothing is wrong. I am thinking if i refomat maybe that will fix the problem but i have so muc stuff saved on my pc i dont want to lose it and i very well cant back it all up by burning it on disc’s because i cant freaking burn anything. If anyone knows how this can be fixed please help me. One more thing i also went into regit or whatever ts called and there are no upper filters or lower it all says defaut in my properties of the drive it says everything is working properly but its not. I dont understand it, it sohnds like its burning but nothing happens.

I would suggest that your burner has died. Take it back to your supplier and get it checked out. Get it replaced under warranty. I hope that when you took it apart you didn’t do further damage and negated the warranty. All hardware will normally just die like this.


Welcome to the forum. Have you tried to unistall your optical drive via the device manager? You should do so. If this doesn’t resolve your issue then try the Quick Fix option in this Link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060 but before you do the fix uninstall any third party burning software (example: Roxio, Nero, iTunes) from your system. Apply the quick fix then reboot your computer. You can now reinstall your burning software back onto your system. Test again to see if your issue is resolved. Good Luck.