DVD Burner will not read DVD-RW




I have Lenovo T60 laptop. It is equipped with a Matshita DVD RAM Multi Burner. This DVD drive is labeled as a DVD rewritable drive and is supposed to be able to read and write DVD-/+R, DVD-/+RW, and Dual Layer.

This Drive will read and play regular DVDs, DVD-/+R, but will not read DVD-/+RW.
It will not even recognize the RW disc in the drive or let me explore. The drive will change to cd drive in explorer with a RW in it.

The DVD burner is brand new.
I have tried the drive in several identical laptops.
I have tried the drive with both Vista and XP.
I have also tried a similar model DVD burners in these laptops, which also behave the same way.
None of these set ups will read the DVDRW.

If I try a lower model DVD drive (regular DVD ROM with CD burning but no DVD burning) in the same laptops it will read and play the same DVDRW disc just fine! I don’t get it!

I have looked through settings but I cant seem to make any of these DVD drives read discs they were designed for in any machine or configuration I can think of. I must be missing something here. Why would the regular DVD drives not have a problem reading and playing anything, but the higher end burners will not work right? I have heard the Matshita drives are problematic, but this makes no sense.


Try a different brand of media. The biggest cause of issues such as these is incompatible media.


OK, so I tried multiple discs for 3 different brands of DVD RWs. Only 1 worked out of all of them. None of the others were readable, including several of the same exact brand and type as the one that worked.

They were all converted and burned with the same software (convertxtodvd). Is there some kind of setting in convertx I could have changed that would affect the drive reading the dvd? The only settings that I remember having changed recently after years of using the program is switching to letterbox format.

I realized I had not tried blanks yet. They read fine as blanks. This is why I am thinking the Convertx software is somehow making the discs unreadable to this drive. I wish I could pinpoint how the data is different.

Ideas anyone?


You need to start troubleshooting from the beginning. Does the drive read commercial DVD’s? Will it read data DVD’s? Will it read previously burned DVD’s? If yes, to all of the above and your only problem is when trying to burn new files to DVD, then the problem likely isn’t your hardware. Try the discs you’ve already created in another PC and see what happens.

Since you mentioned ConvertXtoDVD, it would appear you are trying to burn avi (or some other file type) to DVD. It is one of the better conversion programs and likely isn’t the problem. To rule out ConvertXtoDVD, try using DVD Flick or FAVC (both free). Issues with converted files not working are typically the application used or corrupt files. Also, have the conversion software create an ISO file and not burn the disc. You can then burn the iso yourself using a quality burning app such as ImgBurn. As for the media, try using DVD -/+R media and not -RW media.