DVD burner will burn DVD/CD and play store-bought DVD but not DVD+R


I’m new to this forum, so please forgive me if I have not placed this in the right area.

Ok - here goes. I own a 20x Philips SPD2413. I’ve been quite happy with it for the past 9 months.

Recently, it stopped reading previously burnt DVD+R discs. It reads store-bought movies just fine, it reads/burns CDs, and it even burns DVD+R discs though. It will even open a burnt disc created during the same session as long as I don’t remove it from the drive.

Once I remove the DVD+R from the drive, however, it will no longer read it afterwards. It will play in all my DVD players of the house though!

An error that I will get when I try to access it in Windows Explorer is: “Windows cannot read from this disc. The disc might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.”

Here is what I’ve tried to forestall any of the solutions that I have read thus far:

[li]Tried removing upper/lower filters from regedit key {4D36E965… }. No success.
[/li][li]Uninstall iTunes; I heard that this sometimes causes issues. No success.
[/li][li]Verified that I have the latest firmware. As of today, GP3 is still the latest version and even tried reapplying the firmware. No success.
[/li][li]Uninstalled the DVD burner and rebooted. No success.
[/li][li]Uninstalled the DVD burner AND the secondary IDE channel that it’s on. No success.

Any ideas??? I’m fresh out and would welcome any help!

Thanks in advance,

seems you have performed the usual troubleshooting task.

have you uninstalled the ide controller? [not just the drive or channel?] have you tried cross-flashing the drive to a lite-on 20A1P?

How do you uninstall the ide controller? How do you cross-flash with the Lite-on drive?

I’m a little wary of cross-flashing with another drive for the time being; is there a potential of messing up my drive?

Would I be better off buying a new player instead? I came across a Sony DRU-842A…has anyone heard if this is a good replacement or not?