DVD Burner unable to read/write CD-R but reads/writes fine to DVD -/+R

Has anyone heard of this problem? Here’s what happened. This morning I was copying some data disc files from cd-r to my hard drive. After that I decided to burn an audio disc. Normally this drive will finish an audio cd in about 2 mins. I walked away and came back to find after 6 minutes it had been stuck burning at 100% stuck in the lead out phase. I had tried cancelling it but wouldn’t cancel (or maybe I just didn’t wait long enough) so I decided to do a graceful shutdown. The drive continued to spin even after killing nero’s processes in taskmanager. It continued to spin all the way till it shutdown and you can hear the drive spin. Booted it backup stuck a cd-r disc and when it tries to read the disc it almost sounds like the sound when your floppy drive is trying to boot when there’s no disc in it. It won’t read any kind of 700mb disc whether be a cd-r audio, data, or a commercial audio disc. However again it reads DVD discs and rips and records dvd discs fine.

Anyone have any ideas?

My specs are:
Memorex pt#32023282 Internal 16X Dual Layer Dual Format DVD burner
AMD Athlon 1.4
256mb DDR RAM
Abit KG7-Raid

same thing happened to my drive, look here :


BeO what did you wind up doing. My drive is under warranty. Did you have to replace it?

Yes I will return it to my retailer (web merchand), mine is still under warranty too.

I hope they change my drive quickly, it’s my only drive :frowning: