Dvd burner turning off computer

Have been using windows dvd maker and every time it starts to get going it turns my computer off. Not sure what is causing this. Can anyone help? Am a bit of a newbie at this kind of thing so simplified help would be very good. The strange thing is that it used to work vey well and stil on the odd occasion works fine

Usually an overheating problem…

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A Computer Power Supply Unit (PSU) problem can cause your problem. Perhaps reviewing the CD &DVD Burner Forum Read First posting titled “Troubleshooting: Drive messed up? Check your PSU quality first! Good/Bad PSU list…” (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f61/troubleshooting-drive-messed-up-check-your-psu-quality-first-good-bad-psu-list-142753) might be helpful.

Concerning troubleshooting Computer Overheating problems perhaps the below Web Link article might prove to helpful to you ->


Another source of Computer Overheating troubleshooting can be obtained by conducting a Google Search (http://www.google.com) on the topic ‘Troubleshooting Computer Overheating’.