DVD burner trouble

Hi everyone,
I have a GSA 2164D LG burner, which has worked fine with Nero burningTDK DVD-R since I bought it about 9 months ago. Recently I bought some DVD+R by mistake and had lots of problems with them, so I switched back to DVD-R, but with no improvement, and now the burner won’t burn any DVDs successfully, and won’t read most DVDs. Is there anything I can do to find out what the problem is and how to fix it?

uninstall LG burner software and reinstall–same with Nero burn software…LG burners are pretty solid–but depending on usage during the 9 months it may be done…these guys just don’t last forever…

There is a new firmware for your drive also you might want to try to as these resolve DVD Media issues.


you may also want to check that DMA is enabled for your drive. it’s possible that windows turned off DMA in response to the increased errors with the +R media. you have to turn this back on manually. the instructions are easily found via a forum search (don’t have a link handy atm)