DVD-burner to fit in Accent HT-400 case

Hi all,

my old Plextor 712A just died and now I have to get a new DVD-burner. The thing which makes the selection a bit harder is that the drive should fit in the case of my HTPC, which is Accent HT-400. The old Plextor did fit partly… the front of the tray just had a wrong shape to fit the bezel that came with the case. Now I am looking for a replacement that does not prevent me from using the bezel. If you are confused, here is a image of what I mean:

The 9 mm of the upper drive in the image is the correct height for a compatible drive. I found an old list of compatible drives, which looks like this:

  • LG GSA-4081B DVD/RW, most of products
  • MSI D16
  • NEC 2500A DVD/RW, 2510A DVD/RW
  • SAMSUNG most of products
  • TEAC CD-552E

The whole desrciption of the requirements can be found here.

Can you recommend any drive which is in the market today and would be compatible?