DVD burner this one or that one

hello all,

 I have been reading on this site for awhile and have decided to get my first DVD burner ever.  I really would like a good one, well as good as you can get for under $50.  I am not really interseted in scanning.  What i am really intersted in is good quality burns on DVD +- r and DVD +- DL r

 These are the one that i have been looking at:

Lite-On - SHM-165H6S

Pioneer - DVR-111


any advice would be greatly appreciated

I have read the review on both the lite-on and the Pioneer, but i would like some user oppinions

thank a ton

I have the 165 and really, really like it. Only around $30-$35 or so and you can often get free shipping.

It has all the stuff you would want, including DVD-RAM support and Lightscribe, if those make ya happy.

It is a quiet drive, fast and reads about anything and burn quality on my Verbatims seems quite good.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Lite-On.

I like my Pio 111, very happy with it so would recommend that.

However, I think all 3 you’ve mentioned would give very good service.

Are any of the mentioned drives good with handling protection?

Which would make a good reader?

It’s been my experience that the Lite-Ons have always been the best with regards to reading (and in the case of CDs, writing) protected audio and games.

Snag a Lite-On 160/165 series and you will be blissfully happy for $30-$35. :slight_smile:

Hope you don’t mind if I get a bit more specific,

Have you ever tried to use this drive with alcohol 120% to create a backup image of a securerom 7 game? Did it work with DPM (Data precision measurement)? cheers.

Have not tried that.

With the games I own, instead of backing up, I just use No CD’s instead.


However, there are forums over at GameCopyWorld.com that may be able to help if you ask the question there:


Good luck