DVD burner that works well with generics?

I’m interested in buying a DVD burner and have a question I hope you guys can help with.

If it helps any, my primary uses of the burner would be:

  1. Burn anime, so a whole series wouldn’t span so many CDs.
    (played on Lite-On 166S)
  2. Compile various VCDs together for the same reason above.
    (played on Apex DVD standalone)
  3. Although I don’t have one, it would be nice to be able to back up PS2 or Xbox games if I choose to get either system.

My main interest for getting a DVD burner is that the media has gotten a bit cheaper.

An example from pricewatch:

From what I gathered, some burners don’t handle generics well. Using higher quality stuff is fine on occasion, but if I can’t use generics most of the time, then i’ll just wait until media prices get cheaper.

Is there a burner out there that can handle generics well? (Well, as in not a lot of coasters, and not having to burn at 1X)

I was leaning towards a Lite-On 411S because I’ve been happy with the CD burner and DVD Rom they made. However, there seems to be a lot of complaints about the drive which makes me want to rethink that. My preference right now would be a dual format drive, so I can keep my options open.

The Lite=On you mentioned is good,however,read the posts here,and elsewhere,to find the correct firmware for that drive. It ,like a number of drives,had problems initially with it’s firmware…Good Luck… :cool: