Dvd burner that puts title on burned backup



I presently own and use 2 external dvd burners and am very pleased with the results, the BenQ 162I and the Sony 810 UL. I do all of the burning in the setting DVD ROM

After transferring my 2 daughters weddings onto the dvd from my Panasonic pvgs 300 tapes I realized that it would look nicer if I was able to put a title on the discs with a proper font and possibly pic instead of my hand writing.

I went into a couple of stores today and looked first at the LG 16X Lightscribe External writer model GSA - E 10L and the sales rep recommended Phillips 16X DVD-R media and there was no mention of specific media for lightscribe.
I had an LG burner in the past about a year and a half ago and had problems with not all of my backups being able to be played on our diverse family standalone players and that is why BenQ and Sony were purchased and set to burn in DVD ROM.
Does anyone know if this LG Burner model will be able to be set to burn in DVD ROM and was the sales rep correct in saying that I could use regular discs?
I presently have a large inventory of discs for my BenQ and Sony and that is why I ask this question and they are R+. This burner was $109.99 cdn

The other 2 writers that I looked at were HP:

Model 940 e at $159.99 cdn and the other Model 840 e at $139.99 and again there was no mention of special discs needed.
I had one fellow at the counter who told me that it takes sometime to put an image onto a disc???
Any commments.

I am really happy with my current burners except that I would like to be able to do family occasions so that they look a little better on the dvd when I give them to my children.
I posted a query in software, in the event that I can purchase software to do the job. I don’t want to use labels.

I would appreciate all experienced comments, thankyou.

I should say that I have 3 notebooks all with Any Dvd and one with Sly softs Clone Dvd, the second with Nero and the third with 1 Click DVD Copy.

And I use all 3 of them now very happily.

Best Regards.


The latest LG burners should be able to burn DVD+R media with booktype DVD-ROM.

No burner will be able to burn a LightScribe label on anything except special LightScribe media. A LightScribe burner will be able to burn data on a non-LightScribe disc but you need LightScribe media in order to burn a LightScribe label!

Depending on the label and the quality and contrast you want, burning a LightScribe label can take more than 20 minutes.


You might consider a printer that will print a label on printable DVD media. I use an Epson R1800 for my photography and it does a nice job printing a label-like image right onto the finished disk. There are much less expensive printers that will do this as obviously the 1800 is mostly for photos for me.