DVD burner that excels as a ripper

I just got a Pioneer 111d for use as a primary burner.

Can anyone recomend a second drive that would be best for use as a reader/ripper?

I’m backing my collection, and some of my DVD’s are scratchy former rentals.

Thanks in advance.

I’d get one of the newer LiteOn drives - they’re fast, and very tolerant of disc errors, IMO. :slight_smile:

The trouble is that no one drive will overcome all possible errors on a disk.

My Liteon 1635S would be my first choice when backing up an iffy disk as Arachne suggests but occassionally I’ve been forced to use a Benq 1620/1650 when my Liteon has failed on a particular disk. That’s the advantage having a range of devices to use.

BenQ drives are pretty darn fast.

I agree with Arachne - any of the Lite-On 6S generation (165H6S-165P6S-160P6S-etc) are quite good readers-rippers-scanners. IMO.

Thanks OSP et al. As you can see, I’m now over here bugging ppl w/ this question.

I’ve about decided on the Litey.

I’m hoping my Pio 111d/Liteon 6s will be an excellent ripper/writer combo.

Just read on a newegg review that Liteon has Digital rights management bulit in.

Is this true?

Found it back. Here it is:

Pros: Nice burner Except: See Cons

Cons: This Burner has digital Rights Management built in. This is to stop piracy. But It was always my understanding your allowed to make backup copys of software that you purchased for your own use. This burner will not allow you to play backup copys of games and such. This Is Garbage. Risk trashing Original software that costs more than this drive. I DO NOT PIRATE, BUT I HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE BACKUPS!!!

Other Thoughts: I Fully understand the need for DRM. But I’ve Also had disks get destroyed in drives. Is LiteOn going to buy me new software if their drive messes up my disk?? I think not. I own nothing but LiteOn optical drives, but this is my last one.

Another interesting link:



This is rubbish. The inability of playing copies of copy protected games has nothing to do with DRM.


I don’t ever recall having a burner that’s also been an outstanding ripper. Some of them have been adequate rippers if they either had no riplock or I used modified f/w that removed it.

The best rippers I’ve had have been DVD-ROM drives. I’m using an ASUS DVD-E616A2 now that does an excellent job overall. I’ve used other drives that were faster when they were ripping problem-free discs, but the ASUS is good even when there are problems.

Unexpectedly, one added benefit of the ASUS is that it’s a decent scanner. Scans done at 8x match those done on my Liteon 812S at 4x rather closely, even in the area of PIEs.

I thought it was the other way around.

I’ve got a BTC DVD-ROM in the box never used. BTC’s are supposed to be good rippers. Trouble is the thing is beige, I need black.

The newer NEC drives make excellent rippers. (ND 3550/3551, 4550/4551, 4570/4571)
16x on DVD-VIDEO SL and 12x DVD-Video DL
16x on DVD+R/-R and 12x on DVD RW.

There is no riplock on these drives.

Most of the newer burners are good rippers. My crossflashed Pios and BQ are great rippers. I recommend two burners of different brands and abilities. That way each can compliment each other in the production process.
The Pios match well with the Nec and BQ.

Yes, that is my idea as cheap as drives are today.

I’m thinking BQ 1650 now. Would it not read better than the NEC 3550a?

Liteon seems to be having QC problems if you listen to reviews.

Get the 1650 and 111

That was my decision. Just picked up the 1650. Now if I can just fugure out the best way to get them in.