DVD Burner suggestions?

Hi all, this is my first post in here.

I’m in the market for a very high quality DVD-Burner. The characteristics I’m looking for are:-

[li]Plenty of hardware tweaking options and availability of hacked/modded firmware. :wink:
[/li][li]Should be able to burn media with minimal amount of errors
[/li][li]The burned media should work in all other DVD RW’s

I’ve held of posting this thread for several weeks, but now I’m throughly confused becasue there is a lot of information available here! Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

-Bruce L33t

A few suggestions:

BenQ DW1655 (with LightScribe)
BenQ DW1650

LiteOn SHM-16H6S (with LightScribe and DVD-RAM)
LiteOn SHM-165P6S (with DVD-RAM)
LiteOn SHW-160P6S

No burner will burn low quality media with a guaranteed readability in all drives, so remember to get some god media!

lol… Is that the choice media of the [B]gods [/B]??? Where can you buy it ??? I need some ! :slight_smile:

Haha, nicely spotted (and nice typo, Drage - still trying to lick that keyboard into shape? :p).

FWIW, I echo Drage’s suggestions :iagree:

Yes, it’s divine media only available for the chosen few!

I meant good media, not god media - obviously! :doh:
(But some typos are funnier than others.)


Yes, and not having 100% success it would seem.

I’ve got some god damned Rytek. Will that do?



I haven’t heard of Rytek, do you mean RiTEK?

Many users have had problems with RiTEK 8x DVD-R media (RITEK G05) degrading quickly as can be seen from this thread as well as other threads and posts, so if that’s the media you have, I suggest you test whether you can still read those discs after a while.

For ideas on good media, you could take a look at the following polls in the Blank Media forum:

Which brands of DVD media are good for everyday use?
Which DVD+R media is best for long-term storage?
Which DVD-R media is best for long-term storage?

EDIT: I got the joke about “god damned” the first time, but I assumed the question to be serious. If it wasn’t serious at all, then please excuse me for wasting bandwidth with off-topic answers to off-topic questions in this thread. :slight_smile:

Do you like the LiteOn SHM-16H6S as a burner? I got an excellent ASUS dvd rom ripper already. Just curious I know there is alot of BenQ, Pio, fans here. Starting to see some LGer’s. :slight_smile: I may go with a litey for burning dvd-r :eek: Then I will have at least a descent scanner if it stinks for burning.

I’m an LG and Litey fan, although I haven’t had chance to check out latest offerings :sad:

I was about this <-> close to picking up an H10N the other day though.

Arachne <-> that’s pretty close. :slight_smile: Are you fan of dvd-r media? I know it’s important to match up media with drives.

Well, I might snag the LiteON 16H6S. Still waiting for Samsung and NEC folks to chip in?

BTW, where can I get the “god” media you guys are referring to? God, am I hungry or what? :slight_smile:

I can recommend the SATA 163 burner from Samsung/TSST and also the Pioneer 111 burner range, because I have them and they work nicely and smooth.

As for the NEC, their new burner range is about to appear within the next few weeks.

Hehe, I’m more of a +R girl myself, for some reason my drives seem to like them better.

What little -R media I’ve used though, seems to burn better on the Liteys. :slight_smile:

The LiteOn 16H6S you’re referring to is actually a SHM-165H6S.
Another typo in my post above, I’m afraid.

Availability of the god media is restricted I’m afraid! :wink: