DVD Burner stuck at .9x

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH22NP20, Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Well, I’m not sure when this started, but whenever I burn anything, my burner only goes up to .9x and stays there. The buffer is constantly filling and emptying.

My first thoughts are that SecuRom did this, considering they suck at everything. Is there a way to get my drive back to normal without removing SecuRom (I hate it, but my games need it).

Hi fortune82, you can check your dma settings, maybe it’s in pio-mode instead of udma4.

Forgot to include that. I made them all UDMA a few months back after seeing this issue on this forum. That made no difference.

ALSO ImageBurn log attached.

ImgBurn Log.txt (4.05 KB)

lets do it again but go about it as suggested by LUK!.

That did help. While it is going much faster (7.2x) before all this occured it would get up to 15x-16x

EDIT: Just burnt another small DVD and its going 12x. Will burn another to see if it improves again.

EDIT 2: Yeah, back up to 15x. Thanks for the help!