DVD burner stops burning mid-way through

More or less the topic says it all, here’s a Nero InfoTool of it:

It gets to somewhere between 5-37% and then it makes some error.

Do you get an error log when the burning stops? If so, that would be handy to see.


DVD43 could be causing a problem, but without an error log it’s kinda hard to tell.

This is the error I get with DVDDecrypter:

Can you try a burn with Nero?

I’m not too good at deciphering DVDD errors (but hopefully someone else is). I would guess it’s your media (discs), but don’t quote me there.

And Nero logs show all kinds of good stuff, like DMA info, mediacode of the discs etc :slight_smile:

How do I get a Nero log?

Try to do:

a) Defrag you Hard Drive
b) Delete your Temp File
c) Empty your Recycle Bin
d) Use reliable DVD blank disc (Fuji, Sony MIJ or Verbatim).

If a burn fails, it’ll ask you if you want to save the log. :slight_smile:


PM a moderator and have them edit out your serial # for Nero.

I noticed that for some reason 95% of your memory is use. Shut down some the programs running in the background. Consider getting some more ram anyway, your cpu will run a lot better. I also noticed that you may be using Memorex dvds. If you are, change brands because they are generally garbage.

Hey piergni…Definately take sikoone’s advise on memory. Looks like you have a ton of stuff running in the background. Also looks like you only have 512 of mem. It would be good to up that. But your Decryptor error is saying a peripheral device is causing an error. I’d be looking at that also. Update your Nero and verify that your ASPI layer is working properly.

Don’t use disc at once recording mode. This is your main problem. By using this, you are putting a huge strain on your PC, especially your memory (95% usage).

Since this is an MAtshita OEM drive, choosing the right media is a big important thing.

Refer to d) posted earlier by TCAS! :wink: post#6

I’ve tried Sony DVD’s and the same thing. The Memorex one’s have caused me no problems so far, but it seems the media isn’t the problem.

I hardly doubt it.

So what would be the “best” media? Since the Sony’s didn’t work eithier.

Try burning a Data Disc in Nero CD-DVD Speed. If it doesn’t do that either, you need to get rid of some clutter on your system. Maybe it’s time for a clean XP install.

Ok, so I did a clean install, FujiFilm DVD-Rs seem to work but the movies skip every now and again at random, inconsistent places.

Try better media like TY and Verbatim.

Yes, that’s a matter of media quality and firmware support. I don’t know how old your firmware is and whether it supports the current 16X generation discs.

Also, avoid installing your cd/dvd apps all at once, until you get to the bottom of this. Keep it at Nero and Decrypter/ImgBurn for now.

Edit: there’s a newer firmware 1.11 for Sony OEM drives here - is it in a Sony laptop? Apparently it’s a Toshiba, so look there for a firmware update first.