DVD Burner stopped reading/writing over 1.8X

When I used DVD Decrypter to copy a DVD image to my hard drive, it always copied it in less that 15 minutes using a max speed of 16,000 kbs. Since about 3 weeks ago, it will only copy a DVD image at 1.8 X and takes about 45 minutes. It does the same thing with DVD Shrink and Roxio. It’s a Philips DVD8701 that came with my Dell computer. What would cause this drive to slow down? Antivirus and spyware come up with nothing.

Here’s the kicker. I have another Dell computer on my home network that I rarely use. It’s burner is also not burning images to the hard drive at more that 1.8X. However, that computer also has a DVD-Rom drive that will burn images to the hard drive at max speed still. What would cause both of these dvd burners to slow down all of a sudden?

Have you checked that DMA is enabled?

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I checked it and it is. I haven’t changed anything on the computer before this started happening.

I found my answer to this on another forum. It was a XP bug where the Secondary IDE Channel was changing to PIO from DMA, but you couldn’t just fix it from the Device Manager. Dell had a small file that fixed this problem on all computers.

Glad you got it fixed. Now you mention it, I remember the same fix in either the Samsung or Asus/Pioneer forum…definitely something to remember if a poster with the problem has a Dell. :wink:

Would you mind posting a link to the place or file you mentioned? I have the same problem!!


Did you recently install Internet Explorer 7 ???