Dvd burner spitting out my cd's? HELP=+)

OK- I’ll try to make this so you can some what understand.
I bought DVDX Copy Plat. It works great but only with Kypermedia 8X dvd’s
I’ve tried the same thing only memorex, staples, tdk and imation. Why do the Khypermedia dvd’s work and nothing else that I try. Does anyone else have this problem??? Thanks for any feedback… I’m not very bright when it comes to computer stuff!=) Thanks Christy(California)

Need more info, make of burner, computer specs, etc. It sounds like the firmware for your burner could be outdated and can’t recognise the media you are using.

As starters I personally would not use any of the brands of media you mentioned.
Try to use Tayio Yuden, Verabatim, or Maxell. Media plays a large role in determining good burns and media that will still play 6 months from now.

Next, I’m sorry to hear you bought DVD Xcopy Platinum, not a good choice in my opinion. There are several progarms available that do a far better job. I personally use the combination of Clonedvd2 and AnyDVD from Slysoft.com, excellent products and AnyDVD is updated within hours if a problem arises with new copy protection. They both have very active forums right here on CDFreaks.

And finally you will need to provide much more information, what messages are you receiving when it spits out the DVD’s. Is it during the ripping to hard drive stage or the burning stage.

Also please advise what make and burner model you are using and the firmware version you are using as Kipper mentioned. If you don’t know your burners firmware version you can download free versions of DVDInfoPro at DVDInfoPro.com or Nero CD Speed, these tools do many things and you should have one of them installed to assist you with your burning hobby. They will identify the media manufacturer which is vital in determining what media you actually have. All the media you mentioned are not manufactured by those companies, merely packaged. Some may be decent and others are pure crap that will cause you grief.

You can get Nero CDSpeed here: http://www.cdspeed2000.com/
DVDInfoPro (free version) here: http://www.dvd-recordable.org/wwwimgs/media/flash/dvdinfopro/index.htm

Post back with more information please.