DVD burner skipping on playback - audio crackle

My 16X burner suddenly started skipping on playback and popping on the audio. I tried a commerical disk and a copied one, same problem. I also got popping on playing back a commercial CD. I put the CD into my CDRW drive and it played fine.

Would it need a cleaning? How do I clean a burner? (And how do I tell what kind it is, I threw away the box a long time ago.)

Cleaning and enable DMA.

Didn’t you post that somewhere else too?

I found the thread on that but I can’t find either of the options it tells me to find. I’ve been having this same problem for a while now.

ok, well it won’t let me edit so I’m just gonna post again… My DMS is turned on and stuff but it still does this. I’ve been looking at ways to clean my burner but I don’t know what to do cuz there are a crapload of different answers. And if just cleaning it won’t do it, what do I have to do?