DVD Burner Shown as CD Drive and Not DVD-RW



Hello All,
I purchased a BENQ DW1620 last weekend and everything was fine until today. I was gong to burn a double layer disk (Verbatim +R) but my software (UIlead Video Studio 8) did not seem to recognize it. I then used Windows explorer and the drive was shown as a CD and not a DVD. Upon removing the disc it changed to DVD-RW.
After several ‘experiments’ I realized the drive will only be shown to be a DVD-RW if there is a prevuously burned DVD or nothing in the drive. If a disc that is not a burned DVD is put in, it shows ‘CD Drive ( D: )’. I have firmware version B7T9 flashed and I believe that is the latest version.
I like the drive so far and hope this is something someone else has seen. Thanks in advance for your help and if you can’t help thanks for looking at the post. :slight_smile:



Welcome :wink:

This “change” in Windoze explorer is something we have to live with. Same thing happens to every user/ member. It’s just like Bill G. wants it.

Use latest Nero or DVD Decrypter to burn double layer (DVD+R DL) discs.
I don’t have any experience of Ulead, so I can’t give you any advice there.


You should go to the properties tab and make sure you enable burning as some programs check for this. I have seen many many posts with this anomaly. It is not related to BenQ; it is a Windows problem.


Pinto, Chas… Thanks. I had thought I had my Video Stuido all up to date but I had not. I must not have noticed the changes in Windows Explorer before. Well back to burning, thanks again.


After months of operation, my Windows XP/SP1 decided by itself just yesterday and in the middle of working (not after reboot) that I have just CD drives. I have no idea what program or process chaged it suddenly. I was playing my DVD-Videos in Windows Media Player Classic free program just by selecting from Menu/Open DVD, but now it will not play.
No biggie as I can still do Open/CD Drive and it will play.

Just it is annoying. :frowning:

I searched the forums, and by now I uninstalled the drives from Device Manager, to no avail. It is still newly found as “CD drive”. I deleted some registry keys (maybe not the right ones) and rebooted, still same.

Anyone knows how to fix this?