DVD Burner showing up as a CD Rom drive?



I have a weird problem - I installed a new burner (Memorex True 8X), and BIOS recognized it fined. Nero shows the correct burner name. I could use DVD Identifier to identify my media. However, in Windows, the drive is listed as a CD-Rom drive. When I try to burn a DVD, I get an error saying I have to insert a CD-R or CD-RW disk. Anyone know how to fix this?


Actually, it’s listed correctly when I don’t have any discs in. I only have two discs right now, Fuji (ricoh) and Memorex (CMC Mag), and as soon as I pop a disc in, it switched from a DVD±RW to a CD Rom.


Bug in Windows. Ignore it. It has no effect on anything. Sometimes rebooting will help. If not, then it can be fixed with a bit of mucking around in the registry, but it’s not worth the effort for a minor problem like this.


Thanks. Yeah, I can browse the DVD fine through Nero.