DVD burner showing up and acting as hard drive in Windows XP My Computer



Hi all,

I have a problem and have been searching the net and here all night and can’t find how to fix my problem. I even searched through here.

My DVD burner is showing up and acting as a hard drive in Windows XP’s “My Computer”. I keep getting a balloon that says the disk is nearly full and to make more room on it.

How do I reset the DVD burner to act like a CD burner and put it back under the Devices with Removeable Storage section of My Computer and not up under the Hard Disk Drives section?

I have tried the advice to look through the registry to problems, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the DVD burner, the secondary IDE channel it is on, and also the IDE controller itself and nothing is fixing this.

Any ideas?



Try uninstalling it in Devie Manager and reboot to have Windows reinstall it, and check to make sure jumpers are correctly set, i.e. set to master if connected as master or set to slave if connected as slave. It would help to know which DVD burner as well.