DVD burner SCSI?

Hello everybody.
I’m searching for some news about new DVD-R/+R recorder models, on SCSI technology.
Can you help me finding it?
Thnak you very much!


There is none…if you think that you need SCSI, then you must use an IDE<->SCSI converter.

IDE<->SCSI converter? Pros and cons?
Can I have the same performance if I add an EIDE to SCSI converter to a EIDE peripheral?
In this way, can you suggest me any product?
Thank you!

This was the first of the searchresults given by google


Maybe there are other SCSI DVDR’s; check to be sure @ www.google.com

Thank you very much!
I really searched on google, but .it (Italy).
I’ll follow your suggestion!

But don’t forget that it is DVD-R/RAM, not DVD-R/W, and some of them are only 1x speed (since you spoke of “performance”, i doubt that you want a 1x drive). A converter+4x drive is certainly faster. :wink:

I’ve been going through the paces with an Addonics ATAPI-to-SCSI converter with a Plextor PX-504A (NEC 1100A). I have had some luck but no success yet. The burning software support is the limiting factor right now as that I can use the drive on the system with no problems… just cant burn to it.