DVD Burner Running 4x instead of 8x

I just got a DVD burner and have burned one DVD at 4x instead of 8x. There is no way for me to set the speed higher in the Nero software.The burner is GWA 4082N and is specified to burn a DVD + or - at 8x. The media is Memorex DVD + R which supports 8x. I have updated my burner driver. The Nero burner software sees the burner as 4x. I have a feeling that I have something simple not set right. Any suggestions?

Suggest using different media. Memorex is known to use poor grade third party manufactured discs that vary alot in quality.

Try some 8x+R Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

That would be my bad luck to select Memorex when other brands will do better. It seems strange that the speed is knocked down by a factor of 2, but I will try your suggestion. Would - R be worth a try?

As long as you use quality discs, then the performance should be fairly consistent although most good manufacturers still do have some (mostly slight) batch variation. Most burners support poor quality discs poorly, but it all ends up going back to low grade media.

The 8x Taiyo Yuden +R discs are regarded as probably the best you can buy. They are barely available in brick and mortar anymore, and were rebranded in the US by Sony and TDK mainly.

If you want to buy some let us know where you are at so we can recommend a reliable internet source for you. If in the States then www.rima.com is the most trusted place to buy them.

The version of Nero I have is StartSmart which is the inexpensive OEM one. Could this be the problem?

It’s most likely the media, as stated above.

Nero & the Nero OEM suite differ only in the interface. The underlying technology is exactly the same.

Startsmart is only the startup disc detector -> it’s also available for the the full Nero as well.
You don’t actually need it active.

I tried a second burner program and it sees the burner/media as 4x (and it should be 8x). I will go to Comp USA and get Verbatum disks. What it seems to me is that the 8x Memorex disks are really 4x. In any case it is disappointing that Memorex would provide disks that won’t operate as advertised. There were house brand disks available for less $$ that I avoided. If I find that Verbatum disks operate as expected on my new burner I might return the Memorex disks. They work fine at 4x so maybe I will just use them and be a little wiser. The ironic thing is that I was checking out my new burner and then have a disk issue. Maybe DVD burning is not that mature. I can’t imagine disks operating at speeds other than advertised lasting forever.

Insert one of the Memorex discs into your drive. Open up Nero StartSmart and go to the toolkit. Open up CD/DVD Speed and click the disc info tab. There it will list the MID of the disc, probably either CMC MAG E01 or RicohJPN R02.

BTW, I have had this problem out of one of my Benq 1655’s with the CMC MAG’s.

I went into the Extras, Configuration part of Nero (which is and found that with my 8x Memorex in the drive the only speed for DVD writing shown in the drop down menu is 4x. With no disk in the drive I have the choices for DVD writing of 24x,16x,10x, or 4x. One possibility is that the burner sees my 8x disk which can’t run at 10x so it goes to the next slower speed which is 4x. Does this make sense??? I hope so. I can deal with rational things.


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With no media inserted, HOW should the drive know what media you have and what you are trying to burn???
Avoid crap Memorex media.

Those are probably CD burn speed choices, as there are currently not any DVD burners capable of 24x DVD burning speed. It defaults to CD speeds without a disc in the drive.

Problem solved. I went to Staples and the only good non-Memorex DVD-R disks they had was Maxell 16x. As no surprise to anyone on this forum I got 8x speed on my recording. http://club.cdfreaks.com/newreply.php?do=newreply&noquote=1&p=1526655#
Agree I am very relieved to find that my new burner is working just as specified with the function I have tried so far. I won’t test the dual layer function soon because I don’t have the software. I may not even use the dual layer, but it is nice to have it if needed. The most cost effective way to store data is still single layer by far. Getting data onto one disk would have some value at times. I really thank all who have responded and guided me in the right direction!!! I would have never guessed that the Memorex disk was the whole problem. It was not an 8x disk as it stated on the package.

Please disregard the URL in my last post. I was putting a smiley face in and this appeared. Oh well. Preview next time.

I have to agree on the vervatims, just got a spool and now I have to dump a spool of fujifilm!
I have never heard of Taiyo Yuden before today, maybe I’ll order a small spool to try them, thanks for posting.

People don’t [I]try[/I] TY … they convert :iagree:

I have use alot of cheap media from walmart and Kmart,and finaly got smart,i know use taiyo yuden 8x-Rand burn at 4x,and the quailty of my burns are excellant