DVD Burner Run on PIII-700MHz?



I have a PIII-700MHz computer running Windows 98SE and am looking for an external DVD burner. Most that I find in stores state PIII-800MHz is minimium requirements. Anyone have experience running a DVD burner on less than minimum requirements or a DVD burner that has lessor requirements ? Thank you. FredJ


Hi there and be welcome!

Your P3 will sure be enough for DVD writing. Writing at 4x won’t give you any problems (if your system is running smooth) and maybe even faster. My inlaws have a P3-500 with just 192MB of memory and WinXP running; writing at 4x and surfing at once can be done without a problem.

Just one thing: if you want an external burner, make sure you have a bus that is fast enough. That means, make sure you either have USB 2.0 or FireWire.


Thank you for your reply. Do you know what brand/ model of DVD burner they have ?


The only thing that I would say is lacking is your OS. Windows98SE has a FAT32 partition so you can only get files up to 4GB on there. This will make it a royal pain when it comes to burning ISO files over 4GB.


This is useful information because my goal is to be able to download digital tapes from my camcorder to DVD. Since I have seen that 10 minutes of tape equates to 2-4GBs, sounds like a 60 minute movie will take a number of DVDs. If I upgrade to XP can I put more GBs onto a single DVD?


60 mins of digital tape is about 12GB of AVI you will need to convert it to MPEG2 and compress to 4.38 GB to write to DVD. There are lots of programs to do this,some on the fly straight to DVD.
If you upgrade to XP make sure you change from FAT32 to NTFS.Then you can fill your hard drive with footage.


Yes, XP allows for an NTFS partition which removes that 4GB limitation so you can have single files that are the full capacity of a DVD-R. If you are ever going to do D/L discs then it will make it just that much easier. Just make sure that when you install XP that you select the NTFS format option. :wink:


I would never have believed all the roadblocks (too small hard-drive, only USB 1.0 ports, no DVD burner, old OS) that I would run into when I made that spur of the moment purchase (to record my son’s wedding) of a digital camcorder. I am starting to think that I will have to get a new computer. If I purchase an external hard drive, will I have the same file size limitation with Win 98se as on my internal hard drive? Thank you.


The HD doesn’t matter it is the OS’ ability to be formated for NTFS. Win2K and XP are the only two versions of windows that allow for the NTFS partition.


Just a thought,if you don’t need to edit the video footage and don’t want to upgrade your PC you could buy a standalone DVD recorder.Plug your camcorder straight in?
If your not planing to do a lot of recording there are company’s on line who will put it onto DVD for you.
If you plan to do a lot of video recording get a faster PC with firewire.Your P3 will take a long long time to convert AVI to MPEG2.


Yeah but with the price the company would charge, it would pay for itself in less than 10 jobs. If he could recover that within a year then he would be ahead. :wink:


Thats why I say if your not planing to do a lot :slight_smile:


I really appreciate all of your input. Since I have 14 years of analog home video tapes that I can convert to digital with my new Sony campcorder, I have plenty of potential use for the new system. However, I just wasn’t comtemplating this kind of expenditure for a computer at this time. I think I have a hard choice to make. Thank you all for your input.


Just for future reference…
I have an SOHW-832 (812 originally) that does 8x “on the fly” copies from and LTD-165H (16x reader), run by a Celeron300A/256MB/WinXP/Nero6.x -> 40MB buffer which works perfectly everytime, without buffer underruns while running WinMX & Emule P2P :slight_smile:

The hardware will run fine at full speed when actually burning. The requirements are there for video editting, etc, before actually burning.


If you have access to Windows 2k CD, there are OEM licences available for less than $40 on Pricewatch. It will be only the key, but will be a vaild copy of Windows. Also there would be no support for the OS. I’d make sure your box supports 2k or XP before buying. Had a old HP Pavilion 650 PIII that would not load 2k, no drivers available either. I know that some of the first DVD burners i.e. Sony DRU-120A or HP DVD200i only required a 700mhz cpu. Maybe you could pick one cheap on ebay. It will be slow though. I’ve seen an 8x burner work fine on a Duron 733 box running 2k.


But why?
The celery 300 is sufficient :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds like perhaps I can use a DVD burner that has minimum 800mhz requirements as long as I get W2k or XP-home. I do not think that I would be doing video editing on the burner but on my hard drive so I am not sure the 800mhz is relevant. Does this make sense?

Also, how do I determine if my computer will load W2k or XP-home?

Thank you



For semi-decent performance,
Win2k requires 128MB, celeron/P2/3 300+, 700MB HD (+5GB for DVD’s )
WinXP requires 256MB, P3 450+, 1GB HD (+5GB for DVD’s)

Both will still work on anything down to a celeron 300A (must be the A version cos the A has CPU cache).
Anything below that is starting to get just a tad pathetic.
Nuff said :wink:

Video editing on any machine less than 1GHz will be ssslllllloooooowwwww, but will still work, if you have patience :wink:

However, the burner will work at full speed on anything down to a 300MHz CPU :slight_smile: