DVD Burner round-up: Top 16x drives tested



He only tested 3 drives and you may be surprised with his conclusion.
Plextor: PX-716A
NEC: ND-3520A
LG: GSA-4163B



Sorry but I don’t buy the results. Reasons:

  • Their “test” is very-very limited, there are more thoroughly tests here in cdfreaks or other forums
  • Title says LG4163 but tests shows LG4160.
  • They released the test very recently, June 7, 2005, but why 716A fw 1.02, not 1.07.
  • Tests not full disk. And the funny thing in DVD+R Write speed test is:

used the same file as previous for the test, but transformed it into an .iso, which weighed in at 2.54 gigs.

and the comment:

as you could notice all were successful burning at 16x speeds on 8x media.”

LOL, burning 2.54gig won’t reach 16x speed!!


Thanks for saving my time. Not worth spending any minute reading their test results. :bigsmile: