DVD Burner Rom Question?

Ok guys, and ladies, Ive been wanting to back up my DVD collection for awhile, but never can figure everything out on how to do it. So 1st things 1st. My computer is a IBM. I burn cd’s with nero, so I know I have a “cd burner” just dont know if I can burn DVD’s with it. On the Rom its self it has DVD on it. If this Rom will not work could you give me the name and price of 1 that will. If the info ive provided,all though not detailed at all, just tell how to find out if it will burn DVD’s.


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use nero drive tool to see all the capability of your drive. If it has DVD burning capability, then you will see the check mark next to it and make sure if it supports -R or +R or both and same go for -RW and +RW. If you find that your drive does not have any of those, then I will get back to you

If your computer is fairly new, then it should have DVD burning capability

Ok thanx man. I figured out that it just PLAYS dvds and doesnt burn them. Just CD’s :(. What drive should I install and how hard is it 2 do?

First off what kinda cd burner do you have?

I dont know what kind of cd burner it is…I wanna install a new rom that has DVD burner capabilaties. I just wanted to know what kind of ROM I should get. Thanx

ROM means “READ ONLY MEMORY”, it doesn’t specifiy something like a drive.

Either you want a combo, a DVD-ROM drive or a DVDRW burner.